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Letterman jackets have become a cultural symbol adopted by everyone from celebrities to professional athletes to everyday students who wear their school’s letters as a badge of honor.

It’s the ultimate American attire, with a history spanning decades and countless memories across generations associated with the letterman jackets for high school or college. But while it has become deeply ingrained in our culture, how did the letterman jacket rise to such popularity?

To trace its origins, we’d have to go back as far as the middle of the 19th century in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1865, Harvard University’s sports team members wore the first version of the letterman’s jacket, donning the now-iconic letter “H” patches on the sweaters and starting a trend that is still going strong nearly two centuries later.

The varsity letterman jackets worn by the Harvard sports teams became a point of pride, with only the best athletes getting to keep theirs after the season and wear it and most others having to return theirs. So it’s not surprising that the exclusivity of letterman jackets made them highly coveted, which contributed to them becoming more popular over the years.

However, the modern version of the letter jackets for women and men were not designed until the first half of the 20th century, when more and more schools adopted the design, using their own initials and colors.

Finally, in the past few decades, the varsity letterman’s jacket became a big part of pop culture, with celebrities wearing them and the public following soon after.


While the rich history and popularity alone are great reasons for wearing letterman jackets, it’s important to note that a big part of their popularity is due to how practical these jackets are.

They are made of high-quality materials and are incredibly comfortable while protecting against the elements. The design is versatile, seamlessly blending with countless styles and looks in all age groups. The universal design of both boys’ and girls’ letterman jacket options at Jostens means that you can create custom elements according to your needs and the school you want to celebrate.


A Letterman’s jacket is a great keepsake for someone you care about. If you have a loved one or friend graduating from high school or college, getting them a letterman jacket with the school colors and mascot can make for an unforgettable gift that they will appreciate forever.