Wearing your pride is something that never goes out of style – and nothing celebrates your radiance like a class ring stone. Choose one that means something special to you, accentuates your style and tells your story to the world. You’ll find your fit in our class ring stone collections.

Natural Genuine Elements Stone® Rings

Class rings are designed to capture your story in a unique way — and our Natural Genuine Elements Stones do just that. Globally sourced and individually distinctive, these authentic stones allow you to share your journey in new and stylish ways.

Faceted Premium Stone Rings

Love the look of Natural Genuine Elements Stones, but want to elevate it with more flair? Look no further than Faceted Premium stones, combining worldly “wow” with an eye-catching cut that brings out the best in each natural stone.

Camo Stone Rings

Your style and interests are an important part of you are. Consider the standout Camo stones as a choice that allows your personality and passions to shine on. Whether you’re into the outdoors or love street style, this striking stone delivers.